How to PM people on the website.

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  1. I am looking for how to PM someone on a website. I was originally going to PM ICC or a mod about the Derelict Policy. Due to my computer's power source going bad I won't be able to log in for awhile (in case anyone is wondering I am using my dad's computer which i cannot install minecraft on because he uses it for bills and whatnot and minecraft would slow it down) but the problem is I have no clue when it will be fixed but it will be fixed within a three weeks. I am just worried that I will lose my residence and I really don't want to. I appreciate any help. Thank you! :)
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  3. Ok thank you for the info i will do that now. :)
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  4. for anyone else that reads this, the list of staff can be found by mousing over the members tab and selecting the staff subsection. here
  5. Since this is already bumped from earlier... :p
    The way I prefer to PM people on the site is to go up to the top; click Inbox; then click "Start a New Conversation" Just for future reference.
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