how to nether part 1

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  1. tell me what you think about this one
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  2. No offense but you're obviously not 62 years old.

    • Registration and use of EMC is void where prohibited. By registering for EMC you agree that:
    • You are at least 13 years of age.
    • You will not misrepresent yourself as under 18 when you are over 18.
    • You will not misrepresent yourself as older than 18 when you are under 18.
    • You will not misrepresent yourself with false facts (i.e. pretending to be a famous person).
    • You will not share your password with anyone else, or give it to any third party for any reason.
    Though it was a nice video though, but I suggest next time you make an account anywhere, to read the:
    TERMS AND CONDITIONS <--- Click that link

    But anyways, nice video. But next time it would be better to edit out the black parts, and put proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in your videos and descriptions as well as your threads. :)
  3. There Are lots of people like 9 and 11 on this server, just let them play
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  4. They need parents permission, and I'm fine with them albino, I was just stating that his age is 62 on EMC but.... yeah read my post
  5. ok well i didnt know u were ok im fine as long as you aren't like" YOU CANT PLAY THIS UR NOT 13 REPORT TIME HAHAHAHAHAH"
  6. like me :) and him :) + mics. make your voice sound younger
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  7. I use Blue Snoball. :3
  8. I hate quick-to-report/ignore players..... just UGH.... but I understand where you're coming from. But I was just showing him the Terms... :3
  9. i entered the wrog date sorry and i do not know how to change and i am 13 years old
  10. You can't change it, but don't worry.
  11. I don't want to sound mean, seeing as I hit the wrong date as well, but how do you scroll all the way down the bottom of the year list and accidently hit one of them?
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  12. Well, contact a mod, he will change it for you.