How to make a group/guild/squad/team thing?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by snozles, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. hello as the name suggests I have seen many groups like alpha and delta squad and I wated to set up my own one for myself help....please?
  2. None of the groups/guilds/squads/teams/associations/entities are created with the support of the Empire. They are completely created on the whim and support of other players. So to simply create one, I would guess, you say, "Hey, I am starting a group... would anyone like to join?"
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  3. oh thanks man :) :D
  4. Hey snozles, I would like to join it :)
  5. sure I'm setting it up tomorrow (NZ time) I need to make up a name first:)
  6. I can help you out if you need some tips, just ask for it :p
    I don't like being competitive and you seem a nice guy :)
    BTW: Delta Team, not squad ;)
  7. thanks coperfield I didn't actually set one up in the end I joined theives guild (as you can see in my signature:)) and thanks for correcting me, I don't like getting competitive as well:D
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