How to Make a GOOD emerald farm!

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  1. Ok, so you want an emerald farm? You might be wondering; What in the world is an EMERALD farm? Basically, you need a white villager, a GREAT sugar cane farm, and get money that easy. First, you need to start the farm. The best farm I think in my opinion is the farm below in pictures. Once you have done the farm, or have gone to a place that has public sugar cane farming, get the sugar cane and make paper. Once you have paper you must trade with the white villager and find the trade with paper.

    Residences for Sugar Cane Farms:

    3512 (SMP2 - plants) and 5222 (Utopia - plants).


    You can also use villager farms to get even better trades.


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  2. FIRST! XD

    Anyways, i prefer to use MY sugarcane farm, cuz its auto, and a full harvest is more than an entire inventory (39 stacks and 24) XD
  3. A few things I'd like to mention:
    1. I realllllllllly want to play right now... too bad I can't, only can go on forums and watch over the live map.
    2. You'll need more than one white villager, also known as a librarian, however you spell it.
    3. Thx for buying my beacon :p (If it was you...)
    4. All you people out there, You can also use wheat, another popular trade with farmers. This does require replanting though, but if you can afford a dispenser per block, sure you can make an auto-plant system. (BTW wheat villagers ask for less wheat than paper needed for librarians, however you spell it.)
    5. I suggest full-res sugar cane farms, using sand. can cost a LOT, but it grows 2x faster on sand than dirt, if you didn't know that.
    6. The only trades that I think are actually worth it are the priest ones, the ones where you get EXP bottles, enchantment of a tool of their choice, or (MAYbe) the ones with Glowstone.
    7. Dood, I have your trust. I wanna ask you something in-game next time I get on SMP1.
    8. Blob. Blah.
    9. 9 Things=Not a FEW things.
    10. Nothing more to say...
    The trades I like best:
    1E (E for Emerald) = 4 EXP bottle
    1E = 3 Glowstone
    Diamond/Iron Pick/Sword + 2-4E = Some enchantment that is good, like Diamond Pick, Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 3.
    Best Trade I've ever gotten: Diamond Pick + 2E = Diamond Pick, Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 4
    P.S. 4 all you ppl out there, You can anvil 2 books (Such as Sharpness 4) to get a higher one (Like Sharpness 5, which you cannot obtain on anything other than a Gold Sword VIA Enchanting.)
    P.P.S. (Or P.S.S, I forgot how to do it.) Im gonna post a cool auction soon. ;)
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  4. Wait nm I don't need to ask you anything
  5. 2) Technically you don't need more than one librarian; you just need one who has paper as their last trade. That way, you can keep unlocking the paper trade without having to do any other trades.
    5) That's just false.

    Edit: Unless it's been changed since 1.5
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  6. Its not the easiest getting paper trade as the last one..
    But if you do, its EPIC.
  7. Wait, how many times must you trade before paper is their last trade?
  8. How do I get the trade unlocked lol
  9. Wait.. Let me get this right; If paper trades show up in the villager's last trade.. It'll never expire?

    If so, I am so angry for keeping on wasting my time with respawning villagers.
  10. Chance of paper being last trade is rare... waste of time in my opinion and waste of emeralds and other materials you have to use to try and get it on last spot... so + I also doubt its unlimited unless i get proof :p
  11. A couple things to note:

    1. A full 60x60 sugar cane farm is pretty much necessary, otherwise you run out of paper too fast.
    2. The thing with sand, thats false. GenerikB did an extensive test, and found no noticeable difference. And even if sand was faster, I never have trouble, by the time I've finished trading, the farm has completely re-grown.
    3. Each trade can only be traded 7 times. This means that if you find a white villager that trades paper for emeralds, you can only get 7 emeralds. However, frequently a new trade spawns (but not always) this can either be something valuable, like an enchanted book, or something worthless. Very rarely however, it will be the same trade as the original, the paper to emeralds. This basically unlock the locked origional trade, which can give the illusion that you did the one trade more than 7 times, which is false.
    4. I would say that trading the emeralds to purple villagers for glowstone and XP bottles earns you the most money, by far.
    5. Have at least 6 villagers. Check all of the white and purple ones. If you get either to paper->emeralds, or a good purple trade, leave that villager there until you are ready to trade with him, this will make the trading process faster instead of only leaving the ones you are trading with right now.

    Good luck
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  12. I'm really not sure about how to work out the statistics to find out... that makes me somewhat ashamed. I will say, however, that it is usually possible to find one in a matter of hours. It really depends on two things: luck, and how much stuff you have ready to trade (in order to unlock their other trades). If you want to unlock the 7 trades before paper, you'll need a good stock of rupees, written books, and regular books. 1000 rupees to whoever can work out the probability :p based on this page:
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  14. Woah I forgot about this thread. bump :p
  15. A good example for a Villager Trading Post, is at deathconn's res on SMP 7. :p
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  16. The easiest way to get emeralds will be to make a trip to 1134, smp1, when it's done.
  17. Which reminds me, I need to complete that sometime XD