How to make a 'Donation' store

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  1. I wanted to be able to allow players donate me Oak Log if they wished!

    I first tried the most obvious method of letting the player sell 1 of their Oak Logs for 0 Rupee's.



    Oak Log

    However this did not seem to work!

    With the help of Dark_Liz we both found a solution.

    The best method of doing this is to buy the item back at 0.0001. The system will tell you that they sold you. (Or you bought) 1 Log for 0.00 Rupee's.

    I'm assuming that someone would have to donate at least 100 Oak Log's for 0.1Rupee's to come off your total amount of Rupee's.

    So for a recap, If you want someone to donate you something you will have to type this into your store sign.




    I'm guessing you could set an even lower amount of Rupee's (0.00001, 0.000001 etc) But I havn't tested it.


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  2. Thanks, for the tip. What are you building with the logs?
  3. A big tree! :)

    Visit my Residential on smp1 for a sneak peak. [#646]