How to locate a slime chunk ???

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  1. I was lighting a cave. But I saw some slimes spawning but I don't know the chunk they have spawned from.

    Is there a way to know the chunk ???

    And also is there a tool to locate slime chunks in emc ?? The rie's minimap (show slime chunk) option is disabled in emc I think
    "Indication of slime spawning chunks (Does not work in multiplayer after minecraft 1.2)" You can also use this:
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  3. There are no mods that tell you where slime chunks are that work on EMC.:(

    You can use the show grid option with Rei's mini map. That will show you the chunk outlines, so you can dig the chunk you seen slime's spawn.
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  4. They usually hop in a straight line towards the player from where they spawn too. If you're not sure which chunk, you can always dig out a couple on a single level until you can figure out which one is the right chunk. Just remember, you have to be, I think, 24-80 blocks away for them to spawn.
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  5. I used the monster spawn highlighter. And went to the cave but it seems no slime spawning blocks.

    But I still see slimes spawning. So what is the wrong with it.

    Also the mod works with the swamp biome can a farm be made in the swamp ???
  6. Yes but in the swamp, slimes only spawn in dark places i believe (night time) nuy sure though.
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  7. Slime's will spawn in any light level, but only at night in a swamp. So you can light up the area but they mostly only spawn at certain moon phases.

    Its best to find a slime chunk and dig out multiple 3 block tall level's from beadrock up to level 40.

    Wiki: In swamps, slimes may spawn at night. They spawn most often on a full moon, and never on a new moon. This can make gathering slimeballs difficult, as it takes over two hours for the moon to cycle.
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  8. I searched a lot for slime chunk for hours but didn't find it.

    If I made the farm in the caves under the swamp is it will spawn at night too ???

    All the caves under the swamp Are slime spawn able places (used monster spawn highlighter)
  9. I'm not sure if they will spawn under ground in a swamp.
    Monster spawn highlighter is only working from the biome/ light level for spawn highlighting, so it might not be accurate.

    You can all ways dig out a small room under ground and see if a slime will spawn but that can be time consuming.

    If you want to find a slime chunk dig a 3x3 mine shaft @ lvl 12 (diamonds:)) and put up some fence at every chunk line, that will be a good way to determine where a slime chunk is:cool:
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  10. The Monster Spawn Highlighter Mod does not show Slimes that spawn due to Slime Chunks. (Due to the fact that the mod doesn't know the Seed) There is no legitimate way to identify which chunks are Slime Chunks; except to physically see the slimes spawned in that chunk (only below level 40)

    In Swamp biomes. Slimes can spawn at any height at low light level.

    More specific information can be found on the Slime Minecraftwiki page.
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  11. There you are wrong read some wiki

    I quote "slimes are the only mob that attackes and spawnes in the light"

    I have a chunk on my sp world but I used /cord and when on slime finder

  12. Hint: There is at least one on every server :p
  13. I finally got one

    But I have a question.

    How to know the chunk borders ??
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  14. Rei's minimap ;)
  15. You said it yourself, slime chunks won't show up on multiplayer after 1.2 :p
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  16. Read the quote.

    Chunk lines are divisible by 16
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  17. Which one, I read over your's and Stew's but didn't see anything?
  18. If you open Debug (press F3), you will see at the end of the x and z coordinates it shows a number in parenthesis. A block numbered 0 or 15 is on the edge of a chunk.

    In this screenshot, I know I am on the corner of a chunk because x: shows (15) at the end and z: shows (0):
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  19. The rie's mini map shows the borders but just a lines in a map(not specific by block)

    But pab10S way is good to know the right blocks to start the chunk
  20. Ok, you quoted this post.
    He was asking about chunkk borders. Which can be seen in Rei's Minimap