How to get rich in EMC. (Guide)

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  1. As we all know, there is many people here on EMC who live off of their 100R daily rupees, and that's all. To possibly help some of those people, I came up with this guide. This is how to get rich fast using the wild, not shops or working.

    1. Prepare your self. Get food, a sword or two, and two pickaxes, and a ax. Also bring some armor, wood, and cobble.
    2. Find some virgin land. Virgin land is simply land that has not been used for forestry, mining, or built on. The best virgin land is around 45 minutes out from any spawn. Once there, build a shelter
    3. Chose ONE thing you want to focus on. Don't go out and try to do everything, pick on they. It could be mining, or logs. If you go with mining, pick on ore that you want to be your main ore. I advise against picking diamonds as your first thing, as they are not a reliable source of rupees. Iron is a good place to start
    4. Start bringing in income. Now that you have a picked your area to make money from, start making money from it! Go and and start getting the resources for you to sell! Once you have gotten a good number of your item, hike it into town, and start selling your wares. You can do this though your own shop, selling to a shop, or by giving them to a select person who has ordered the item.

    I hope this will help some of the newbies! (and some of the oldys)
    There are other ways to make rupees, but this is the most basic, and the fastest way to do it!
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  2. I'm not have money trouble myself. but im sure this will help the people that do need help.

  3. Another tip, go around town using /visit random, pick one item say iron, keep looking around write down all the prices, go back to the lowest store and buy as much as you can, then sell for the median price of all that you found
  4. I have only been on EMC for about 8 days, yet I've become rather wealthy. I have about 21,000 rupees and have spent about another 22,000 rupees on materials for upcoming CakeCo Industries projects and business's/companies.
  5. I've been on here for almsot 2weeks, i already have around 150k (not including my 10+ 10k+ each enchanted picks, blocks ect) My guide will be to buy a fortune3 pick and go 30mins away from spawn then start to branch mine for an hour or 2 (easy money) or just setting up an xpfarm and selling the enchanted stuff. :)
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  6. I have a fortune III pick for sale Interested?
  7. I am :)
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  8. Nope, i have like 8-9 fortune3 picks (not uncluding the one im using right now)
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  9. Really Good Tips
  10. 150k already, damn boy, i respect... i only got 50k
  11. lol @ rob i spend like a ton supplying that wool for you now im so stinking poor (261rupees) Luckily i have materials and a spare silk touch eff 3 pick to start my store once i finish building and hopefully will earn it all back :D
  12. Being a supplier is not the way to richness. People there needs suppliers mostly dosnt pay for work just giving money for you selling stuff. The best tip is to get a fortune3 and start branch mining 30mins from spawn or an outpost. :)
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  13. Pm me so we can talk to prices.