How to get people's attention

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  1. how to get people's attention and make them visit your shop
    1. advertise free stuff like put a load of free dirt then advertise they'll join then buy some dirt look around the shop and buy stuff.
    2. accidently type t/v yourname
    3. these are kinda cheap tricks
  2. Cheap tricks may make you some rupees, but they also stand a really good chance of making you lose respect from people.

    Which is worth more to you?
  3. I find it comical to sell dirt worth 66r then say I have "Dirt Cheap Diamonds"

    Nobody buys them though, they just laugh. :( / :)
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  4. That's some Diamond cheap Dirt you have there.
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  5. Really, the best way to get people's attention is to do whatever you do (running a shop, building, or whatever), and do it really well. Focus on being a master of what you do, and forget about other people giving you attention, or anything else (like rupees)... that only makes it harder for you to create something truely spectacular.

    Make something really good, and you won't even need to try to get people's attention... they'll come to you.
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  6. suprised people are actually reading this
  7. you'll probaply lose a lot of respect but if your just selling stuff you wanna get rid of then it does work if your running an actual shop you'll lose all repeat buisness