How to get out of wilderness?

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  1. I have a bed in wilderness but /home doesn't work. /town or /spawn don't work either. What's the problem?
  2. Read the Empire Guide, s/he'll help you!
    Basically, you may not teleport to your home from out of protected spawn in the wilderness.
    Use the live map when traveling, it indicates in red where the protected spawn is.
    From my knowledge, the protected spawn goes out 150 blocks...?
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  3. The bed is only for you to respawn at if you die.. I think. Sorry, I had this feature as a gold supporter, but since I lost it, I haven't gone and used that feature again.
  4. You will need to temporarily obstruct your bed with pistons or a trusted friend to place and remove a block for you and commit suicide quickly so that when the piston retracts, you will be in town and can then do your deeds, commit suicide and go to your bed. :)

    Someone on the forums or in-game has a tutorial on how to effectively accomplish this but I am not sure myself.. Also, Ender Chest :p
  5. You sir, are a genius. I now feel really stupid that I never thought of that...
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  6. Only problem is the chunk has to be loaded to retract the piston... You have to have a very accurate clock to die and restore the piston very quickly... :)
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  7. This is so clever! If only there was someone with me to obstruct my bed in the wilderness! I Really need some soul sand :p

    Edit: Any of you mods up for a mission of mercy?
  8. is down... every1's sigs are empty img tags :confused:
  9. No it's not... or at least, not for me?
  10. hmmm well im getting this when i go to

  11. I'd offer, but I'd probably die of old age getting there. Why not make a Nether portal?
  12. Since the 1.3.2 updates the beds have been malfunctioning. If your bed is obstructed and you die, you get redirected to the default /spawn, but it also resets your spawn point to the default spawn, and you will have to sleep in the bed again to custom set it.
    As far as I know this hasn't been addressed yet, but I'll retest it tomorrow to make sure.

    If someone has info about it being used successfully used recently please share your story. :)
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  13. It looks like I got beaten by shaun saying this, but I'll say it anyway. This doesn't work with 1.3 (unless it has been fixed), because it just resets your spawn to /wild... found that out the hard way.
  14. That would be the easiest way, for sure, but it would also expose my base on the livemap. Thatns something I'm not willing to risk. The livemap for the nether is much smaller, and my location would be more obvious.
  15. By expose you mean it would uncover black? It would take an ambitious griefer(oxymoron alert)to go so far. You must have diamond block paved roads out there. :)
  16. I'm probably being paranoid, I know -- it's one of the things I do best. With my luck someone like 621op (still not sure why he decided to hate me so much) would get a burr in their britches and try to hunt me down. I'd hate to be the victim of the most highly motivated griefer in the history of EMC :( With the rumored changes that will be made to the livemap in the future, I will just not take any chances until I know it's safer.
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  17. I've had issues kind of like this upon leaving the end. I had a spawn point set at my residence, but instead spawned several times in some strange place in the wilderness about 1,600 blocks from the nearest outpost. It only seems to happen when I leave the end, though. If I suicide in the wilderness, I respawn in the right place. I "fixed" it by destroying my bed and resetting my spawn to the default spawn. Seems to be okay now, but someone will have a nice surprise if they stumble across the oddball spawn point and find the unlocked chests I left there :D

    Edit, sorry for the double post. I get confused when replying to more than one person sometimes.
  18. 621op is a griefer? :eek:
    What changes to the live-map? Tell me :p
  19. I'm not saying that he specifically is a griefer, though he did get banned for x-ray, I'm just saying that he developed some kind of serious dislike for me and said some really rude things. Sometimes I inspire those kinds of feelings in people, because I tend to say what I think, and not to coddle people, I guess.

    Nothing for sure about the live map, but Aikar has said that he wants to make the livemap more personalized, so players won't be able to see what others have uncovered unless they travel into that area themselves.