how to get on server

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  1. i dont know how to get on the servers
  2. At the top click servers the connect addresses are the ips. Get on minecraft and click "multiplayer" then "add server" and put the ip on the bottom line of it. Then click connect
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  3. The IPs* to our servers are:

    SMP1 -
    SMP2 -
    SMP3 -
    SMP4 -

    *Actual IPs are colored in red.

    Type the whole IPs in the address box, then choose a name for the server, and voilĂ ! You can connect to The Empire!
  4. i do this then i get socket exception connection reset???
    i am not very technically sound so if you could explain how to fix in lhamons terms.
  5. Are you on 1.2? Server is 1.1.
  6. oic well i screwed myself there lol
  7. in which case how do you go back to minecraft 1.1?
  8. There are numerous active threads containing information regarding downgrading to 1.1 version, a quick peruse of them should see you playing again soon.
  9. where do i find one of these threads?