How to find super turkeys

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  1. Hi everyone.
    I noticed something about super turkeys and I thought that could help you.
    My trick to farm turkey is to go in the nether and to find a big lava ocean. after this, you only have to walk around this place. you only have to notice the '' You hear gobbling ... chunks away'' and when you find one, you do a flat space around the turkey, you makke it go on the blocks and you jail it in blocks and you spam click on it.

    I hope this conversation helped you if it did please leave a like and if it didn't just ignore it.
    Thanks for reading.
  2. does this help you find them. you know they dont spawn anymore right?
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  3. Yes they continue to spawn.
    I don't know why because it's not thanksgiving anymore.
  4. no, they dont. the sound of them spawning is "GOBBLE. GOBBLE"
    "you hear gobbling" means there is one left over from the event nearby
    which does not help you find them just tells you they are somewhere in the chunk mentioned
  5. ok I thought that they continued to spawn thanks for the info:)