How to find a marlix

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  1. Hello everyone , we'll I been around end for a very long time, and one sad thing is ... I've never fought a marlix.. We'll I would love to finally find one and kill one, just to say I did it. I'm posting this today for any tricks or hints anyone might have I finding a marlix. Because it honestly sucks to say i have been around for almost 900 days and never have even seen one except in MA..
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  2. My friends have found it's best to go to one of the less commonly played servers late at night/early in the morning when few people are on (or snow days). Also i belieave 1 mini-boss spawns around every hour, that night be wrong though.
  3. its easier to find them on empty servers since the algorithm trys to spawn them on one person an hour (which i think includes people in town) if you are that only person and are in the right place then you are set.

    both bosses seem to liek spawning on a certain sub-biome called riverlands. now there's no real way of telling if a river is a riverlands sub-biome without plugins and emc does not have them but they HAVE in the past spawned in tundra riverlands, plains riverlands, and desert riverlands.

    the most common is desert riverlands cause they try to find a flat surface to spawn on.

    Ive found that altering an area too much seems to make spawns (if you find one of the nodes they like to spawn on) stop or become more rare. the easiest way to get them to spawn is just by running around near those riverlands killing monsters at night, but some people like to make afk things so they can spawn them without having the tab open and just listen for the horrifying sound. personally my preference is a long afk pool if i want to do that but some people make minecart rails too.
    killing monsters actively however will continue to open spawns up for a boss to spawn while afking will only allow the entcap to fill
  4. I've only seen one in the wild once, during a rare trip to the frontier(I don't go there often). I found one flying around near a river, though it didn't spawn for me, it was just already there. So rivers may indeed have something to do with it, I don't entirely know...
  5. I heard they only spawn 1000+ blocks out is that true?
  6. in the wild yes i dont think that applies to waste
  7. I found one 9oo blocks out and brought it within 300 blocks of spawn. It was in the desert when I found it.
  8. lol the first 1 i saw was on my third day when i stumbled across an old mob spawner in the wild
  9. Try going into an open area with no trees etc. Like a dessert.
  10. there is a good place just past the jungle on the west side of the /waste sw spawn i found that u get a high rate of enraged mobs spawning i had about 6-7 in about 13 minutes that i was wondering for