How to effectively make a ban appeal

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  1. If you are banned, or are helping someone get unbanned, do NOT post a thread asking to be unbanned. All you will get is people telling you to pm a mod.
    So I am here to tell you how to do that :)
    First of all, you need to determine who banned you. To do this, attempt to log in and you will get a message saying,"You have been banned by (mod name here) for (ban reason here)
    Once you have completed this step, you need to start a private message with the moderator who banned you.
    To do this, mouse and click over "inbox" in top right corner (tap once if on apple device, android, or other smart phone/ tablet) then select start a new conversation.
    In the participants box, type the name if the moderator who banned you.
    State clearly the reason you were banned, and tell the mods you will never do it again (They will know if you lie- they found you once, they Will find you again.
    If you are successful in your attempt to be unbanned,you will receive a book on your next login which instructs you not to lose the book or you will be banned again (this is a responsibility chest- put it in a safe chest ASAP)
    Once all this is done, you are free to enjoy the empire again :D
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  2. Whaaa? You get a book?
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  3. I believe so, yes :)
  4. I've seen it.
    I haven't been banned, but i've seen it
  5. Now I kinda want one to know what it says lol
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  6. It says something like:
    "Welcome back banned player! Take time to read these rules *Blah Blah Blah* Don't lose this book "Blah blah blah" One small offense can get you banned for good *Blah*
  7. Yea but have you ever held an auction for one? I bet no one has... Hmm... Maybe it's time to get an another alt just to get that book... GRAY TEXT HERE ----> Of course I am jokin >_< But I still want one...
  8. Someone showed it to me after Aphors got Perm. banned....
  9. Lol who showed you?
  10. I'll keep his name secret; i wouldn't want him getting swarmed with "CAN I SEEZ DA BUK?!?!"
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  11. I just happen to have said book
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  12. Your not the guy i was thinking of xD
  13. The best way is: don't get banned, just follow the rules ;)
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