How to Download EMC Supported Mods? (Help!)

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  1. I know, I know, everyone is going to hate that I don't know how to download a mod, but ever since I almost got my PC destroyed by a fake mod link, I've been very paranoid about downloading mods. (I already have downloaded texture packs, Rei's Minimap and TooManyItems. (DON'T FREEK, I USE IT IN SINGLEPLAYER.) but does anyone have the link to the Recipe Book mod (yes, its approved by Twitch guys) and knows how to install it for PC, please, thanks in advance!
    ~ IamSaj
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  2. Dont worry I cant download mods either, I jacked up my mc trying to download one :)
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  3. I see... were in the same boat... but that's not possible in Minecraft because only 1 person can ride a boat at one time... so you would need a mod for us to be in the same boat... too bad we can't download mods.... :p
  4. I use MCPatcher. It patches the stuff in for me.
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  5. I have MCPatcher and ModLoader, just wondering how to download Recipe Book mod and (WinRar or whatever) (I heard you need it for this mod) Also, do I have to save my worlds, incase I have to reset it?
  6. I would just in case. But I'm not sure on the Recipe. You can find WinRar online pretty easy.
  7. MCPatcher works with recipe book and Modloader.
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  9. Anyone have a link yet? And also new profile pic! (Hope you guys like it! If not, I can change it to Master Chief. #Opinions)