How to download Camera studio linux ubuntu

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  1. So i've been trying to download modloader to download camera studio but so far that hasn't worked :)
    so i thought i would ask you guys. I am running linux ubuntu (gnome) and i would like to ask for YOUR help on downloading camera studio. when i try to download modloader it gives me a black screen even though i've deleted the meta-inf and i got the 1.4.2 version please help cause i'm trying to film a timelapse :)

  2. Something I noticed on my minecraft. The first time I put modloader in, it doesnt work, ever, since the day modloader has come out. So I run it, then I get the black screen. Then I force update, then I put modloader back in. It usually works the second time. Alos, make sure you are deleting META-INF in the jar.
  3. which linux like the one on desktop or the on in the bin?
  4. do i need single player commands to use the camera studio mod or does it just work with the new in game commands?
  5. it works with in game commands
  6. Modloader worked but it didn't make a mod file so i just dragged and dropped the camera studio files into the minecraft.jar file
  7. *bump*

    i need help really bad i'm trying to make a timelapse
  8. manually make a mods file, then it'll work
  9. i just tried that but i only put in the suresh and the class file in. should i have put everything in?
  10. does it have to say mods or can it be mod
  11. if modloader doesn't work try FML
  12. do do the same thing as the modloader?