How to downgrade from Diamond supporter to Iron?

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  1. How do I switch supporter status? I had pushed the button to cancel my Diamond supporter status (so I can switch to iron). But the last two months, even though my status says "your diamond supporter status will expire on XX date"... when XX date comes... my Diamond supporter status still renews and money taken from paypal?
  2. Push it again and see what happens. If it still occurs, contact JackBiggin and AlexChance in a pm.
  3. Not sure why you would contact alexchance as he is not a moderator. I would talk to icecreamcow though he handles most of that kind of stuff
  4. forgot. what is wrong with my brain. is it scrambled eggs?
  5. He was a mod for less than a week lol. But i still remember him as a mod too lol
  6. Uh dunno but pretty sure Jack and Alex don't handle payments, they handle bug reports if that's what you're thinking of.
  7. I had to edit due to my extreme stupidity, noticed 8 months later...

    I said Alex was a mod for over a month, and contacting IcC worked in my case.
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  8. Good point :p
  9. My brain is scrambled 300x as much as I expected. I'm sticking to font making
  10. You need to contact IcecreamCow via pm about this. I will start the conversation for you :)
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  11. Thanks for the feedback. I have PM'd icecreamcow about it.
  12. Oops, I guess you have 2 convos going now, lol. Just click 'leave conversation' on the one you don't need :)
  13. Not sure where you got that information from :confused:
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  14. Don't take it so literally man :p All they were getting at is that you weren't a moderator for very long, they're not trying to spread false rumors around about you... Relax ;)
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  15. I know he wasn't :)