How to do an appeal

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by superboyman, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. I got banned a while ago, so I was wondering if I could get pardoned. How do I send an appeal? I heard you send a pm to the mod that banned you but I am not sure how to send a pm. (I know i am a noob.)
  2. Step 1: Go to the mods profile that banned you.
    Step 2: Click "Start Conversation"
    Step 3: Write a appeal and then send it.
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  3. Okay thanks.
  4. What he said.
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  5. considering how recently the entire process was tightened immensely don't expect to get pardoned for anything over breaking a few blocks.
  6. I cant find the start conversation button. I only see it on my profile.
  7. i see this thread, BAM! not the right way to appeal... i read on, "im so glad i didnt post before reading"
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  8. Thank you for taking action and asking how to do something before just doing it.
  9. We meet again the Superboyman.
  10. FYI, ISMOOCH is the moderator who banned you.
  11. .... I am not one for calling people out on things. But you did not only know how to properly appeal (as you stated in the original post) you actually messaged me about this already. A day ago.
  12. even though it didnt appear so, i lol'ed on the inside at this.
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  13. Yeah I know I didn't. That is why I am trying again differently. Boy, this is quite a process xD
  14. This is very complicated. Hopefully I will get pardoned after this, cause these servers used to be so fun! :D
  15. And ISMOOCH how was that not the way to appeal? Was it the way I messaged it or the message itself? Cause I did what people told me to do.