how to delete someone's res after 10 days

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  1. my friend is going to be getting minecraft and the guy next to me has built pretty much nothing and has been off for like 13 days i think it would be cool if he could be next to me (also hes new and likes fire a killing things lol) so id like to keep an eye on him
  2. If a player has been absent for more then ten days and you or someone you know wants that particular piece of real estate, start a private convo with GamekribJeremy asking him nicely and I'm sure he can accommodate that for you. :)
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  3. The game will auto reset plots after 10 days. If it doesnt auto reset and its truely been 13 days, they may be a supporter... which people pay for the reason of not losing their plots.

    Wouldn't be too fair if someone paid then an admin took their plot anyways.
  4. We do reset reclaim residences that are more than 10 days derelict. However it is not automatic, we only reclaim the oldest as we need so sometime they go over 10 days :). Also supporters are exempt from the derelict policy :)
  5. ok thanks my friend went on lot 8916 so hes fine