How to change your spawn location in the wild???

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  1. My problem is i was lost in the wild then I slept in a bed and my spawn location changed to it.

    Every time I die I spawn in the same bed. Now I want to spawn in the protected area again. And I don't know how to change it again. The only thing I did is destroying the bed. To spawn back again

    Is there any way to change it???
  2. Destroying the bed will reset your spawn point.
  3. I did that. But that is griefing and I don't want to do than

    Now the bed guy spawn point reset to.

    I tryed to replace the bed but the same problem

    Now the bed is destroyed
  4. Sleep in another bed that you placed somewhere else in the wild, then destroy it.

    You could also just sleep in a bed in town, as this would have a similar effect.
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  5. Nice idea. To sleep in a bed that I placed and destroy it

    Thank you jackbiggin
  6. or break the first one then replace it
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