How to backdate Minecraft [WINDOWS!]

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  1. Lets jump way back to 4 days ago...

    You: Oh man, I can't wait to download 1.3.1! Longest wait for an update ever! OH MY GOD!!11! It's out! Hooray! *Clicks install without backing up the Jar file)
    1 day later: EMC should be updated, so lets try it out now! *Clicks EMC* Ohh, what's this message? 'Outdated server client'? Noooo! My res will get deleted, no!!

    Well i'm just here to tell you the derelict policy was turned off because it's inevitable that people will do this, so Justin kindly turns it off, meaning your res will be there until the server updates 1.3.1.

    And you can also still play Empire Minecraft.

    This time, just back up 1.3.1 if you have mods installed. If you don't know how to back up your jar files, do this:
    Type in run in your start menu, press enter. A little window should pop up. Type in appdata and press enter again, then click roaming and .minecraft. Go the bin folder.
    Right click Minecraft.jar
    Copy + Paste it to another folder on your desktop or somewhere.

    So now go to this link: (Virus free!)

    Once downloaded, the file titled MUC.exe should come up: Not sure? Look for a file with a cake icon.

    Run it, agree to its terms of use and then the .jar selection page should come up. Select 1.2.5 and then click the patch client button, and then run Minecraft.

    Also, MUC is completely legal, as it only uses .jar files from when you signed up (I could be wrong :p It comes up with all of the jar files I have ever used in Minecraft, which is alot considering I signed up in one of the earliest alphas in Minecraft)

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  2. What happens if u dont Copy+paste your minecraft.jar ??
  3. You'll have to install the mods again for 1.3.1. But seeing as hardly any mods have updated due to them needing forge to work (and forge isn't updated yet) it's kind of unnecessary.
  4. I forgot to Copy+paste my Minecraft.jar and i did the patch for 1.2.5
    How do i get back to 1.3?
  5. Force update, by clicking 'options' and the launcher and clicking the 'force update' and then click ok and login.
  6. there's an easiler way:

    1. Go to your .minecraft folder
    2. right-click 'bin'
    3. Click Properties
    4. Check your [eg. ealier this week]
    5. Click a bin folder
    6. click restore
    BAM! 1.2.5
  7. Sometimes that glitches up though.