How to allow free shearing?

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  1. Hi, I've recently set up a sheep shearing farm, and I would like everyone to be allowed to use it, however I don't know the flag I'm supposed to use to let everyone do that. I've checked the commands list, but none of the flags there seems to be related with sheep.

    Can someone please tell me the command?
  2. Its the use flag.
  3. The use flag lets you do a lot more than shearing sheep, though.
  4. I there a Shear true flag? O_O
  5. Yea I know to bad the use flag is not broken up.
  6. I believe there are quite a few flags that are branched off from other main flags. Like the destroy flag. Like one of the mods said, the reason they aren't actual given is because they are subject to removal or change. I'm not sure if there are branches to the use flag.
  7. I don't think there is a shearing-specific flag. Like eeryone else has said, it would be the use flag, but then other people could run rampant on your res, in places you might not want them to go. What I recall d3r3k_fawns doing was having a huge shearing farm, but with nowhere that people could abuse the use flag. And just so you know, to give everyone use, do /res set use t.
  8. Luckily, if I've understood the situation properly, Justin is working on expanding and diversifying the flag system, making it possible to have a flag for pretty much everything. So... patience is a virtue. :p
  9. ..Such as eggify, shearing, egg spawning, ect.
  10. Yep, that's his plans. I asked for a:

    /res pset PLAYER dirt true

    that'd let you set a player the Dirt flag so they could dig dirt on your Res. Thus opening up the employment market without you having to worry about your home being burned down if you turned your back on 'em. :)
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  11. Great thing I'm not the only one scared of that to happen :'p