How should one report someone for a complicated matter

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  1. Such as griefing. My res was recently griefed and I believe I has sufficient evidence. So should I got pm a mod? /report?
  2. Pm a mod. Especially if you think you have sufficient evidence.
  3. And if ya can't tell Green is a moderator, a r0ckin one.
  4. Not rockin, a mysterious one, and he looks a little sick. (Get it?)
  5. Thanks, btw does the /pinfo command round up?
  6. Round in what?
  7. Round up the hours. For exmaple if someone was last seen 2.3 hours ago would it display as 3 hours ago?
  8. It rounds to the nearest hour :)
  9. My "evidence" just got a wee bit complicated then. Oh well.
  10. they have logs in the ender dragon crazyness for smp4 he checked logs to see who was in the end
  11. Does that mean they have logs to see who destroyed what?
  12. No, they don't unfortunately. And adding the plugin for it would cause lag.
  13. Our logs are down to the second so don't be put off if /pinfo is rounded down/up. Even if the evidence you have only raises suspicion, we can dig deeper and uncover evidence that proves guilt or innocence.
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