How popular EMC is!

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  1. Hi I was just thinking about how many members are on emc i found out there are close to 48,420!
    That is .6917142 of the minecraft community! If you round it up that is 1% of the minecraft community! If we could all pitch in avertise, tell your buddies at school about it Emc could become minecraft's largest server company. But sence Stage is comming out I heard it is going to be a faction server, raiding, pvp etc.! So im sure if you all could avertise let justin and jeramy earn money by bringing in supporters. I think we should avertise stage not the smp's cause most of the minecraft community crave pvp, faction, and greafing. Even I do but I dont on EMC :). But I say is that everyone as possible should avertise stage when it come out and make emc the most popular minecraft servers out there!
  2. I created a tuenti EMC page and 34 people registered so far.
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  3. What is Tuenti?
  4. Voting would also help boost EMC's status. Like in the post from ICC the other day. But yes I think everyone could and is promoting EMC as much as they can.