How Polite!

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  1. So I was just moving stuff back and forth between residences and I looked in my house and my housekeeper was sitting at the table perfectly nice and politety :p So I gave him some seeds for being polite :D
  2. That's amazing. Wish my housekeeper was like that! You're lucky.
  3. Yeah he just escaped xD
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  4. Mine ran away lol xP
  5. Mine was eaten.
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  6. Mine was reset when I got bored of my residence.
  7. Mine was hung from a tall pole using a leashing before being shot and healed repeatedly (I made sure I didn't pull the bow back far enough to kill him)! After I thought he'd been tortured enough, he was fed to a Wither.
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  8. I think mine is in my storage part of my res lol
  9. Ever since i read this post i had a feeling its that chickeneer in disguise. You better remove it before whoever it it releases your secret potato farm
  10. Mine never talked, then 1.6 came and I murdered him.
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  11. Mine was spawned on grass during the alpha days. Infact, I had many, more being dropped from the animal farm I had above my house.. and then Beta 1.8 came. So in my rampage of this animal farm being broken and Endermen ripping apart my mob grinder, I murdered all of my housekeepers.
  12. I cant believe this thread got 9 likes :p for the chicken!!!!!!!
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