How old is Empire MINECRAFT

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  1. Hi this is reidme, does anyone know how old Empire Minecraft is?

    If you do please reply.
  2. If you want to be technical, you could say it started probably in May or June of 2011. The official first signup of, was at the end of July. May and June is when we got familiar with Minecraft in our own private server. After we realized how bad most SMPs were, Justin started making plugins for our small friendly group. We used a VERY beta residence plugin kinda thing that Justin worked on where we would have to individually make residences for new people manually by hitting two spots on the map and typing a few codes in, haha. Little by little, our friends (even though we told them we can't handle to much at that time) had to invite "just one more, I promise."

    Before we knew it, we had like 20-30 people. It was at this time, we traveled to the Mojang Mountains to seek out the Gods of Minecraft. They told us, it was in our destiny to create an Empire.

    Here we are. :D
  3. /p JustinGuy
    /p GameKribJeremy
    I think that's how old the Empire is.
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  4. Have you guys ever thought about a wiki page?
  5. They have a wiki-like guide already,called Empir Guide
  6. Best part ^^
  7. What he hasnt mentioned was the part where they have slaughtered the gods and became the new minecraft gods :D
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  8. Yay so the first anniversary is in may. Will you do something special