How often do you get a warning or kick before ban?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Nick4053, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. Just curious. Would have liked to have one. Thanks
  2. I think you should stop posting all these threads, JackBiggin already told you it won't help your cause.
    And I think it depends on what are you doing.
  3. It matters what you do, if you use caps once, you might get a warning, and if you use caps again, you'll probably get kicked. However, if you spam, you might get kicked without warning. Griefing, pvping, etc. will get you banned without warning.
    But people should know the rules of the server, and how not to act the way they do before they get warned/kicked/banned.
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  4. Well, really it depends on what you done to break the rules and the severity of it. It can also depend on what moderator is dealing with the offence, they all follow a set of rules but each moderator will more than likely handle a situation different from one another. I see you've been banned for inappropriate chat, so it depends really on what you said (don't repeat it on here though)
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  5. #locktheNickthreadsalready
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  6. Depends on what the ban was for. If it was for grief, theft, scam, etc then there is no warning, it's an instant ban. For minor chat infractions you'll get a warning. The amount of times you are warned depends on the moderator.

    There is no excuse for getting banned. This is saying "I knew the rules but please unban me because they didn't warn me."
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  7. Sorry, thought this was help and support.
  8. I'm Done. GG.
  9. And it is. Is there a problem with people telling you the rules like you asked for?
    And, please don't triple [edit - quadruple] post.
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  10. Okay, your right. I'm banned. Cya guys.
  11. It is help and support but you need to calm down and just give the mod time to respond to the appeal. If the mod says no then sorry, we can't help you and multiple threads are hurting your chance of EVER getting one and you're close to getting site/IP banned. Your GG and GG WP comments come off just as rudely as you perceive everyone's replies in this thread. You sound like a troll.
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