How my Shop is going (2573 SMP1)

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  1. Hey Guys, I'm giving you a update on how my shop is going!

    I've been trying to keep up and finish quick as possible but things keep getting in my way......
    Mostly it's because of my lack of ability to turn off chat. So many people PM me it gets annoying but if I turn off chat I get bored. So I keep it up but, the problem is that people kinda bother me when I tell them that I'm busy. The only people I will talk to at those times are my workers. (ssparten117) Or if someone is helping me (johnnyhi, MacBookG4).

    Things I have accomplished

    *First Floor
    *Second= Floor
    *Third Floor - Roof, Lights, And Windows
    *Forth Floor - Incomplete
    *Fifth Floor - Incomplete
    *Roof - Incomplete - Still working on planning it out (SP)
    *Chests/Items - Doing very poor on
    *Waterfall - Incomplete
    *Outside Blocks/Decorations - None Lack Of Ability To Do so right now
    *Misc. - :eek:
    *Teleports - Poor
    *Other - None

    Those are some things I have done and not have done.
    I really need some way to keep up like a friend I can contact or a sibling...
    If any of you guys like to donate anything I would gladly allow it and really happily thank it!

    Have any questions?

    ::: Comment!!!!

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