how much will a unbreaking III efficiency IV silk touch diamond pick sell for?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Michael_Nolan, May 6, 2012.

  1. also any offers?
  2. like 10-15k
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  3. Do youwant one?
  4. no im selling one
  5. O well you should start one at 13k and if people are upset make a new thread and change it
  6. just sold it for 13k
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  7. grats! :)
  8. uhhh bro this isnt an auction by any means
  9. This post would have made me think otherwise. Sorry if I misinterpreted though.
  10. That was asking if any one wanted to buy it
  11. Exactly, that's the start of an auction.
  12. uhhh no its not? its like if u go to a yard sale, you go up to the person selling the item and ask if he'll sell it to you for a price thats what i meant by any offers and the set up for an auction looks WAY different
  13. Sorry, just reading the forum rules and that's what they want to be in the auction forum instead. I don't want to argue over your justification.
  14. lol i agree with Michael_Nolan here its not an auction at all
  15. lol sorry dude ur a bit new here, and this is clearly not an auction
  16. I sold effV unbr 3 silk other day for 22k
  17. lol did u sell the 1 i sold to u
  18. nahh