How much time do you spend...?

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  1. How much time do you spend playing Minecraft - Daily
    Also how much time do you spend on a computer - Daily
    And why Minecraft ?
  2. I spend around 1 hour on minecraft on weekends and as much as i can on school days.
    Around 5 hours daily cept weekends !
    Why minecraft? Cause i have too much free time !
  3. And half hour to three on the weekends, depending on my mood.
    As much as I can because I use my computer to write stories and do research.
    It's fun.
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  4. well it was as much as i could then the server got full.... :/
    on the computer not much more then i game unless you consider a console a computer then all the time cuz i got notta to do till mid january..
    why MC cuz it is addicting as all hell xD
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  5. Around 1-3 hours if possible.

    If I am not busy, I am on my computer for nearly the whole day on weekends working on multimedia based projects. On weekdays, I am on for about 3 hours.

    Why Minecraft? It's another place for me to express my creativity! :D
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  6. Anywhere inbetween 1 and 4 hours (except some days i play other games)
    Anywhere inbetween 2 and 5 hours
    Minecraft is awesome.. Especially EMC. :)
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  7. Thats quite easy, i get home at about 18:15 n then its dinner time, then im done at 19:00 n then mostly till 21:00 or 22:00 so 3hours each day, n during weekend, the time is spend behind the PC is Infinite xD Mostly MC, alot of SP projects, like the huge city I posted pics of in my ''some of my earlier buildings'' forum post
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  8. at least 2-3 hours
    it depends
    cuz its an INSANELY fun game!
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  9. Having just spent 6 hours, I take that back. :)
  10. I spend about 10 hours programming on Empire Minecraft updates on a weekday, and more like 18 on weekends :) Now as far as "playing" I have only gotten in a few hours combined in the last couple weeks, but programming new stuff is just as fun. Once I am done with the next big round of updates I will be happy to work on the basement of my pyramid!
  11. Hmmm when i manage to connect i tend to stay on till i reach a set milestone (meaning working like ant for 6+ hours). I also spend around 10+hours a day on pc on average (when im on airsoft event im usually gone for days).

    basically since im unemployed (and what little adhoc jobs i get i can do them from home) i have lots of free time (hopefully that will change soon)
  12. I think a lot of you know how much time I spend on EMC. As long as I'm at my computer I will have it open while I do other things.

    While I'm waiting for the weather here to become a little less sporadic and my exams are finished, I'll be spending quite a lot of time inside.

    Why Minecraft? It offers a perfect blend of action, creativity and social interaction. If I want to build something, I can. If I want to go out and hunt monsters, I can. If I want to chat about random things with people, I can.
  13. I spend a few hours on minecraft and around 18 hours a day on computer, and minecraft because it's a fun game to spend a lot of unused brain power.
  14. Haha...Sounds like your writing your description to your eye doctor when you need some nifty glasses...jks :p