How much should i pay for...

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  1. how much should i pay people or someone to dig out a HOLE that is 7 high?
  2. What are the dimensions?

    EDIT: Is it the whole property?
    Is it underground?
    Are you supplying the tools?
    Are you letting them keep the dirt?
  3. Sounds big, so I would say bare minimum 700-1000 r.

    Sorry if that seems wrong to you, I just know I did a project similar (Dug a 30x30x32 hole, which is only a 3600 block difference) and it was very tedious and took quite some time.

    Or is there more than one person?
  4. see i like that number, people were asking for like 5000 i was like hahahaha ur funny. and i wish its hard to find good help somedays
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  5. But see, that is personal opinion. Other members may put a higher or lower value on that sort of job.
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  6. Truuue. Thanks for the help though :)