How much money do you think come into the empire every day?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kyllingman3, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I was thinking that all donators and members are getting sign in bonus and as people can vote for 50 rupees a day,and i was wondering how much money do you think come into the empire each day?
  2. 893485793826482369875494o87r
  3. I have thought about this before but I don't really care what every to keep EMC up and running
  4. okey, i was just wondering..
  5. i am sure someone could calculate this.
  6. There are 44,457 people on EMC. Now lets say all of them are normal members, so they all get 100R a day, this would total to around, 4445700R. That's what I got.
  7. I think 150k-200k per day
  8. Seeing as someone just did the math if everyone got on, and was a normal member it would be 4.5m lol.
  9. Don't non-supporters only get their bonus if they log in? Because we have nowhere near 44,457 active members. I would guess the amount coming in daily is under a million, but that is a complete guess.
  10. Its just to make it easier. :p
  11. For sure, I just wonder what the real active number of EMC members is... I've wondered this for a while. I know that summer is a bad time to measure these things, as summer in the US is slow for games in general, but I really wonder where we sit. Would love to see a number of unique logins per week, or some other metric better than unique signups.