How much is this worth?

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  1. I have an enchantment shop and I enchanted a sword and got Arthropods V :)[ Waste of 50 levels)
    But Ima still sell it so how much should I sell it for?
  2. You could sell it to a hardcore abandoned mineshaft explorer :D 8K maybe?
  3. Extra damage to spiders, cave spiders and silverfish

    1.42% chance of occuring, not too rare, not sure if this is a sort after enchant given it only works agains cave spiders and silverfish..

    Maybe 4k - 6k

  4. Yeah I agree Ill prob sell it for 4k :)
  5. I'll buy if for 4K, if you want to sell it to me.
  6. Its in my shop on smp9 :p
  7. Another question :p I just got Efficiency V Fortune III and Unbreaking III (OMG Best pick in the game) How much should I sell it for?
  8. I bought 2 for 17k each today, but you could prob get more for them if you find a buyer.. I'll buy for 17k if your interested
  9. Ok SMP9 is where the shop is :)
  10. Alright What about this one, Diamond Sword Sharpness IV, Knockback II
  11. 15.03% chance of occurring so not as rare, but more useful enchants..

    I would guess 4k -8k..
  12. Thanks for all the help bret! You should make a thread that gives the price of each enchant. So I someone got a sword with A and C they could look at your post and add the two prices to sell it for. :D
  13. Hehe well I may not be the best at pricing, but I've bought a crap load of enchanted stuff so just giving you my opinion from a buyers perspective :)
  14. How do you know the % chances for the tools?