How much is this sword worth?

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  1. I just got this sword from level 49:

    Sharpness IV
    Looting III
    Fire Aspect II
    Knockback II

    Serious replies only please, thanks in advance, Alex. :)
  2. Some around 7k?
  3. Well, if it was not for looting, I would say 12k. But with looting, it's a whole new ball game. That makes it prized by slime farmers, as well some mob grinders, plus just ordinary peoples. So, say around 21k. Lot more than 7.
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  4. That's what I wanted to hear! :3 Anyone interested in buying it?
  5. I am. Can you loan 17k. XD. Just kidding. I dont have the cash for anything over 12k.
  6. Naww. :( Ahaha if you know anyone feel free to let them know :)
  7. That wasn't a bid..... It was saying I would bid if I had more cash, since I have a slime farm. Well, more of I mooch off of another persons.
  8. Alex, you have so much cash, you should start a loan service. :p
  9. Ahah I know
  10. Yeah, and never see a penny back :(
  11. This sounds more realistic to me.

    I think 21k comes from someone that has never sold a single enchanted item - no offence.
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  12. How about 7k for it?
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  13. You will never sell this for 21k
    I would sell it for 10k
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  14. So, so, confused. Can youse make up your mind? Ahaha.
  15. i will buy for 10k?
  16. I'm not sure, I'll ask around for a while. Can a moderator please lock this thread?
  17. I see a bid coming!
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  18. I would buy it for 15k
  19. Well, I just saw a buy sign, with an enchantment like that, minus the flame, going for 19. I assumed flame was a valuable enchantment. And I have sold like...... Two. XD
  20. Well, this is the 2nd best sword you can get, if the sharpness was 5 it would had been the best one, ill not sell it for less than 20k,