How Much Is New York Worth?

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  1. So, as many people know, the Dutch purchased Manhattan for 24$ in 1626. SO, in modern values, how much might it be worth? Also, if you want to add a little more juice, add how much you think it would be worth in Empire Minecraft Rupees, considering that 1$ is equal to 300 rupees (go to "Rupees" then scroll down, and look at "donate to the Empire to get Rupees" and slide the slider to 1, there you go).
  2. It would be over 50 billion dollors considering the population and how much income the government recives on taxes
  3. Ya. I thought so. I want to buy it and make it a country... Considering the population, and income, that is definetly a possibility. All I need now is, like, 250 Billion Dollars.
  4. Well to be fair, USD was not a currency in 1626, so it would be impossible to consider inflation for a currency that did not exist at the time. The earliest time you can calculate from is 1774, which in 1774, 24 USD would be worth $685.71 USD today.

    Now, that is a rough increase of 2.75 a year, so if we do some maths we can estimate closer to actual inflation. Which would be another 407 USD. So, Manhattan would be worth roughly 1093 USD today, or 327,900 rupees.
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  5. you need WAY more than that. Otherwise New York will not be a popular place to live in
  6. how are you so good at math?!?!?!?!
  7. WHAT? 1,093 USD?! I have that money! :D
  8. Well, they probably paid with, oh, IDK, silver, so, well, maybe 2/3 ounce silver?
  9. Sometimes gold
  10. Well, if they did pay with gold, then, considering gold's worth, about $1,662, then factoring in $24, you get 0.014440433 ounces of gold is worth $24.