How much is a Dragon Stone Fragment worth? (plz tell me)

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  1. Hello iv'e been wanting to sell my Dragon stone Fragment for a long time and I have 2 Questions:

    1. How much is it worth?

    2. Am I able to post a thread on Products, Buisnesses & Services selling the Dragon stone Fragment?

    Thank you for reading and plz respond!!!

  2. If you want to sell your Dragon Stone fragment, you can come to promo/rare shops such as 9001 on smp4.
    Currently I am buying people's fragments for 3,500 rupees each, so that's a pretty good deal.

    But if you want, you can indeed start a selling thread for the fragment, but I personally believe that's a bit.. too much effort for just one thingy :p
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  3. I forget who i sold mine to, but i sold mine 6k each i think. Around that.
  4. I think it deserves it xD thx =D

  5. To get easier replies I recommend [Price Check] (Item)

    Wow 6k. Most ive seen is 4k. Well smp1 could sell at 6k.
    (I havent really had one myself)
  6. Yeah If I had one so I would sprint it to 2000 Mall

    Normally you should do [Selling] For dcs of something or promo's
    (As bloodra1n said its not really worth it for a drag frag :cool:)
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  7. Nothing to do with the subject but where did u get that fourm thingy? lol
  8. You should consider using private conversation.
    if in thread conversation starts it can go totally off course
    Just sayin ;)
  9. PM AlexChance
  10. Yep I got mine below. But having trouble with 2 buttons