how much does a 4x mob spawner go for

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  1. i was just wondering i think a lot though like 20k
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  2. A lot more than 20k
  3. price?
  4. What server?
  5. What kind of mobs and how many of each?
  6. 2x zombie and 2 spider (spawns creepers sometimes) in 10 minutes you get 200 mobs no joke
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  7. More than 20k.. Try 50k+ depending on your mobs/location.
  8. 10000+ blocks out from every spawn?
  9. it is 2 spots but 5 blocks away the spots
  10. Oh! You lucky dog you got two double spawners?
  11. it is really a 4x one though
  12. Can you activate all four at once? If yiu can, you have a sweey setup. As long as you have wood, unlimited fishing. And good amount of iron and tools from zombies. I almost always get swords.
  13. personally i'd say around 50k-75k

    is it made into a grinder yet? Or not?
  14. I share with 621, and It is made into a very well functioning grinder :D
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  15. Me and redwing share and it is prebuilt and how efficient is it redwing say the truth
  16. I would so buy this but i have 482r lol.
  17. id buy it for 60k how much xp per hour?
  18. really xp per hour so 200 mobs per 10 minutes .so like 1000 xp per 10 minutes. 4000 to lvl 50 in 40 minutes
    So you get lvl 50 in 40 minutes so 3x lvl 50 in 2 hours
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  19. ?ill buy it? 60k? as long as you guys will never go back to it?

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