How much are emeralds worth?

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  1. Title says it all; I wondered what everyone's thoughts were, about the value of emeralds.

    I haven't tried buying/selling/trading them yet; I am waiting for things to settle a little before I think about maybe stocking them in my shop.

    So - what is an emerald worth? Has the price "stabilized" yet?
  2. about 40r- If you dont have villagers
    35r- if you do
  3. I think 20 wool is worth 20r and you can trade 20 wool for 1 emerald so, 20r.
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  4. Profit?
  5. well i would agree with creppa seeing as how there not as hard to get as diamonds and with villager spamming so anywhere from 20-40 would be a good estimate
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  6. What about like 17 - 22 wheat?
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  7. 500r. Well I sold 14 for 500r, but that was when the first emeralds were realeased. :)
  8. I guess 30 is a good estimate from these people. However the ORE is much more valuable.
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  9. ya ore would go for more than diamond most likely seeing as how most people just smash the ore as soon as they see it
  10. I want my money back BTW! I will give u ur 4 emeralds back...
  11. Ore= mabye even 300
    Emerald= Bout 20 saying as its a farm-able resource
  12. I dont see profit in this :/
  13. WHAT?! I bought 20 emeralds at 80 rupees each yesterday on smp6!!! Better ask for my money back!

    EDIT: Too much profit here!!
  14. Emerald Ore - 200r minimum, I've consistently sold out at this price and I'm sure others are even higher
    Emeralds - 20r, although initially players were buying them at 40r
  15. This isn't a place to talk about this. PM me and I might be generous enough to take back the emeralds for a low price.

    I have seen 16 emeralds for 32r. So I have no clue what they are worth. Their basically unbalaned, because you can trade Gold to get emeralds, or wheat.
  16. Emeralds are about 25 because of how easy they are to get.
    Emerald ore goes into the thousands if I'm right.
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  17. I sell them for 50r and ores for 200r. They have no use but they're still rare :)
  18. Emeralds is worth like 20-40R each, and the ores is worth 200+
  19. 25r at most
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