How Many Rupees Do You Have ?

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  1. A Very Questioned Question Is How Many Rupees Do You Have ?

    So I Was Thinking Why Don't We Just Make A Thread Where All There Want To Can Publish There Current Rupees

    Im Gonna Start Out With : 670,479

    How Many Rupees Does The People Here Have :

    1998golfer : 153,698
    pat2011 : 49,890
    PRO_G4NGST4 : 48,307
    ninjaboy5656 : 411
    nick_godoy : 39,706
    coffee_bullet : 353,000
    Maxarias : 20,000
    SpaceShuttleFan : 18,240
    Herbrin3 : 9000.jpg Mrlegitislegit : 49,000
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  2. You really did it lol:)
    i have 39,706

    I think i am te porest Diamond Supporter :(
  3. My Secondary Got 11 Rupees

  4. Currently, I have around 20k. That won't last for long, though.. Shopping spreeeee! xD
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  5. i could of said 2.4 million a few days ago but..dragon egg! :D
  6. lol:) shareing is careing xP
  7. 18,240. All of which will be spent on my seeecret project that I'm starting after EMC updates.
  8. I get asked this quite often, and I always give the same answer: Over 9000
  9. 9000.jpg

    I have enough rupees that i don't worry about buying huge amounts of items anymore ;)
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  10. How much rupees do you get for your daily rupees bonus? Is it same as Diamond? (Just wondering... :p)
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  11. Mahaha beating up you by 4,268r :p,:)
  12. About 450k. But after my upcoming megasuper auction, probably around 700k. Then im going to give it away at random.