How many posts/likes do you guys have?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by sagem4tt, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Hey Emc
    i just recently hit 100 site likes and wanted to know how many posts and likes you guys and gals
    have? :)
    Also how many trophy points?

    Site Posts:
    Site Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
  2. Mine:
    Site Posts:
    Site Likes Received:

    I WIN! ;)

    wow almost 4,000 posts, I am an addict for sure
  3. Site Posts:
    Site Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
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  4. Haha almost 4k post maybe one day i will be up there ;) how many trophy points do you have?
  5. 118
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  6. Thats the Awesomeness Being one of The Creator or Host or what ever you're called when not by the name
  7. You have them all :confused: no surprise >.<
    You should add some more :D but different ones not just 150 site likes 4000 posts ect :D like visit the site 200 times ect of spend over 30 hours on the site
  8. Site posts : 242 243

    Site likes : 99

    Yay me!

    Gotta savour this last few moments of having 99 likes...
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  9. Happy 100 likes :D
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  10. Noo!... Wait, new trophy! :D

    Is this where I get well-known status? Will find out soon!
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  11. Site posts: 225
    Site likes recieved: 174
    Trophy points: 48
  12. My 100 like trophy just came through :D now 0n 48 :p and you get well know at 100 posts i think
  13. Site post: 189
    Likes: 59
    Trophy points: 28

    I'd like to get my likes higher than my post. I guess I need to post more relevant things, lol.:)
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  15. Posts: 1213
    Likes: 244

    I'm close. :)
  16. Site Posts:
    Site Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:

    But for Justin its easy to get likes :p Everyone likes his posts
  17. Like EdmundWayne (his awesome and insightful posts always attract likes)
    Site Posts:
    Site Likes Received:
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  18. lol... :confused:
    Site Posts:28Site Likes Received:2Trophy Points:8
  19. I knew he was getting close. Good for you Edmund. Keep em coming.
  20. Thats a nice ratio of edmunds, and i think i know his secret. ;)
    he is so awesome enough that everything he says is worth reading :)