How many people have legitly found Emeralds.

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  1. I found a emerald ore today, and was wondering how many emeralds have been found legitly. I know of two people who have found them, but I want to know how many have been reportedly found.
  2. I found them in a villagers pocket, Haven't found them in the ground. There so rare because the villagers have them all >.<
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  3. lol, I have never found one...
  4. I found Emerald Ore in the wild... a ton of it. I literally was out in the Wild for 1.5 days exploring 5 different Extreme Hills Biomes. They aren't that hard to find although they are spread out so you just have to know how to mine properly.

    although I must say that all the Emerald Ore I have found has completely sold out almost instantly and I'm out right now.
  5. So Sgx has found one and I have found one. Anyone else.
  6. This is the trick to finding it:

    1) You have to go outside of the existing Wild area, it has to be a newly generated chunk from after the 1.3 update.
    2) You have to be in an Extreme Hills biome which you can tell you are there when you see crazy hill structures that are huge
    3) I don't have ALL the details but I have seen Emeralds on all different levels from up near the top where you normally find Coal all the way down to the bottom where you find Diamonds... there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it
    4) They usually generate in single blocks although one time I found two right next to each other and they are spread out about 10 blocks apart or so. So literally your strategy is to just dig out an entire section underneath the Extreme Hills biome to find them. It's time consuming but that's the way I've found mine.
  7. not just one, i've found roughly about two stacks of it. speaking of Ores in the wild.

    i've made about a double chests worth via Villagers and sold it all. i made what i didn't sell into Emerald Blocks (which look cool) and i'm selling those at 18648 on smp9.
  8. I'm not saying how many, I'm saying people who have FOUND at least one legitly.
  9. I found Emerald ore and silk touched it. I sold it yesterday. The mining trip was a total of 14 hours.
  10. Me, Jeanx, and Sgx have found at least one.

    How much did it go for.
  11. lol not one.
    I found around 30.
    1 Hour to go there then 12 hours of mining then 1 hour to go back.
    I sold like 20 for 300r then 10 for 400r then 5 for 450r then 5 for 500r.
  12. I saw the AT LEAST. Its just that I wanted to tell everyone how many I found.

    EDIT: I don't remember typing