How many GBs does EMC have?

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  1. So, I want to make my own server. I'm going with cubehost as all of the servers I have played on hosted by them have no hiccups at all.

    2GB gives 64 player slots and a dedicated IP with web hosting.

    How many GigaBytes does EMC have?
  2. I think 2GB
  3. If you mean of ram.... 64GB
  4. If EMC had 64GB of RAM, we'd have well over 250 slots haha. By that I mean we could have THOUSANDS of slots per server.
    From my research, this seems pretty accurate.
    • Dual - Quad-Core Xeon X5550's (2.66 GHz, 6.40 GT/s)
    • 64GB of ram (DDR3-1066)
    • 4 x 450GB SAS RAID 10
    • 1,000 Mbps Ethernet
    Each of these holds 2 servers. Utopia is on a different one, with the EMC Core stuff.
  5. Well This is kinda complicated but let me say it simply.
    Okay so JustinGuy rents server hosting equipment i believe and has them at some company or something. but the part i know for sure is that each server machine has 64GB of ram and then Each server machine host 2 servers. So SMP1 and SMp2 are on the same Server machine so each server technically has 32GB of ram.
  6. I wonder. If each server has 32Gb or around 512 MB per player (which is the default allocated ram for mc) why is the server still kinda laggish? is it the plugins?
  7. Yes, it is the plugins.
  8. But with the reses and flags and other factors related to plugins....
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  9. When emc is laggy for me I do a speed test and it's my ISP's fault (My ISP is unreliable with speed sometimes its fast others its real slow :( )
  10. anything in excess can cause lag. When a server is full its no longer about ram. You consider that every client is sending bytes of data and attacking that single CPU with all of that data (and take into account that MC can only run on a single thread, so the speed all relies on that single bus speed) it can cause the small lag hiccups you see.

    Also, at any given time you have to remember that EMC can have over 100 players online, no other server out there hosts that many people with the little amount of lag we do. No, they are not all on 1 server, but hop onto a server that has 500 slots on a single machine and see how that pans out. Talk about block lag.

    Anyways, the lag you run into is not just because of the ram, if that were the case, we would all be blazing, but you have to account for the network between you and the machines, the fact MC runs on a single core and still has to handle all of the individual computations for each user at a single speed instead of handing that load off on to other cores for help, and just the funnel you have of the Uplink up to the cloud from the servers, and the downlink from the cloud to the servers. 1Gb network speed sounds nice, but, when you consider the amount of data flowing into that bad boy, a tunnel can only hold so much :p.

    But to really tie into the discussion of the thread, 2GB of ram is plenty to run just about any size of minecraft server. Yes, more ram helps, but, its not the only factor to consider. With 2GB you can run fine Im sure.
  11. So the reason EMC uses 32GB per server is so that ICC won't crash them?
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  12. indeed.. every byte represents a slice of TNT sandwhich that ICC could possibly produce.
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  13. I often wonder why they are running on server level kit, when what MC requires is
    1) per-core execution speed
    2) hard disk throughput (IOPS!)
    3) RAM bandwidth

    Server level kit can have #2 and definitely has #3 in spades, but where we are hurting is #1, and with high end consumer level kit, it's far less expensive and at the same time better performing when configured correctly.

    A good example would be AMD's top of the line 8 core FX processor and a 990FX chipset with 32GB of DDR3-1600 in unganged mode, with a dual intel gigabit pcie x4 nic for load splitting.
    With this and some SSDs or even an OLD array of cheap SAS1 or even ultra320 15k SCSI discs you would actually be able to host 3 MC servers more quickly and efficiently than a single server they use now. (one CPU pair plus FPU would probably be best saved for the software level RAID5 or RAID6 as the FX has only one FPU per pair of CPUs).

    I am not an AMD fangirl, but budget wise that just makes more sense... when you do not consider what equipment they already have, that is.

    Sure you lose SOME management like lights out and IPMI but... how often are they used?
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