How many five year olds could you take in a fight.

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  1. For some reason the HTML code doesn't work so just put how many it says you could take on.
  2. Is this a add?
  3. You could take on 25 five year old kids in a fight
  4. no why?
  5. Did you have to sign up for mingle
  6. I went to it but my dad blocked the site :(
  7. I can take on 34 5 year olds.
  8. About that dating site thing you can just skip it to see your results im not sure why it's there
  9. 10000 five year olds
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  10. ya it doesn't work for the forums so just post how many it says you can take on
  11. damn i alredy closed it. I have a bad past with things like that
  12. I could also take 400 90-year olds
  13. 30 five year olds are gonna be home schooled!!
  14. mahahaha 35 kids are going to be hurting in the morning ;)
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  15. 22 5 year old the 23rd one was a very strong midget :/
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  16. Hurting kids.png
    Chose all the obvious right answers.
  17. I only got 19 -- guess I'm a softie!
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