How many days is it until my vote bonus goes down?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by meerkatman1, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. I would like to know if my 10 vote bonus will still be 10 in 7 days while im away.
    Please reply!
  2. It will either decrease or lose completely, so try to vote everyday :D
  3. After 32 hours of not voting, your streak will start going down in intervals of 24 hours. What you could do is have a friend either vote for you, or pay someone to do it. ;)
  4. Good Idea. Im off to paris. If my bff chewsy4 cant do It. Ill pay someone to
  5. I think it'll stay for 4 days and decrease than?
    If your friend is unable to vote I'll do it for you :)
  6. Ok den. If I pay u 1k will u vote for me on all sites?
  7. I could vote for you on one site as I'm myself voting for my accounts :)
  8. If as long as my vote bonus dont go down im fine. But if ur extra nice for all sites :D
  9. I would do it but i really wanna vote for myself.
  10. My guess, is that after a week you will be down to '3' streak.
    There is no internet in Paris?
    If someone votes for you on only ONE site for 7 days, that would be minimum 300 rupees x 7 = 2100 rupees you gained for someone voting for you? If its about keeping your streak up, you may wish to increase the offer a little :p. Plus, someone getting your streak from 10 to 17, will bring you 3 days away from your first voters armor!

    There are a bunch of sites to vote on. You do not have to vote on every site to continue your streak.
    I believe that your vote streak decreases by one vote every 24 hours (you start to lose the streak after that 30 or 32 hour vote 'window'?) ((be thankful, it previously was like 4-5 votes every hour before this changed))

    Be cautious though, as I have gotten burned by not watching my vote streaks and certain sites (I believe it is the one) for whatever reason is not fixed, and while it appears that you successfully vote on that site, it will not count your vote on EMC, and you will start to lose your streak if that is the only site you vote on. (lesson learned to watch the votes a little more carefully)