How many blocks does your name show through

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  1. I am planning on building secret passages and need to know how far away I have to be so my name disappears without sneaking
  2. Put ice around you, and nobody will see you.
  3. Does ice really work, that's awsome
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  4. Is works perfectly, just place it on the sides, not the top or bottom block. You can't see the players name that way.
  5. Why not the top or bottum
  6. It isn't needed.
  7. Ohhh

    What about light though. It melts the ice and is needed to see
  8. Oh well, too bad. :p
  9. If you need light to go down straight path, I think there is other help you need to look for...:rolleyes:
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  10. I think chests work the same way as ice, I may be wrong though :)
  11. I just looked it up

    I will be using chests just so I can use light and be able to see
    Lola didn't even think of that, but the path is not straight I want to have rooms in it

    Secret underground network
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