How many animals in a single block?

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  1. Let's say theoretically you wanted to use spawn eggs to spawn a bunch of animals in a very small area... is there a limit to this?

    What's the recommended area and the limit?
  2. Well you can fit as many mobs as you want in a 1x1 area.. I know a while back smp7 suffered some pretty bad lag from a few players having a bunch of animals in a 1x1 area. When they bump together constantly I think that causes lag of some sort. This may be fixed though
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  3. Well I'd be doing this out in the Frontier most likely. I'll have to look up the stats but I know in town there is a 100 limit and I'd need to do more than 100.
  4. I've had 150 cows in 1 block on Utopia before
  5. If you plan to use all the 100 or 150 entities, I recommend making atleast a 7x7 or more, it makes it easier and less lag :)
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  6. So something I realized while out testing all this is that there is a 250 entity limit out in the Wastelands. I'm not sure if it's the same in the Wild but if so then all you'd need to do at an outpost is build up to that 250 limit with animals and no mobs could spawn there.
  7. Yeah It's the same in the wild. I had a problem with this awhile back. The caverns below my base had become infested with chickens. Because of that, I couldn't breed any animals or villagers. One of my friends went down into the caverns and came back with about 4 stacks of chicken meat!

    That's a great idea about keeping mobs from spawning.
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  8. *calls animal abuse center :rolleyes:
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  9. They were finger licking good! :p