How long can your redstone devices last?

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  1. Hi I just built a redstone lighthouse on my res and it has been going nonstop for about 8 hours as off this posting and I was wondering how long have your devices left running nonstop lasted? Usually anything that is clock based will barely last half a day for me; but the lighthouse is minecart powered and is still going strong. I ll see if i can climb into the machinery to grab some pics later without hitting the minecart
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  2. 18 + hours and counting for non stop running
  3. All my redstone devices work all the time.
  4. non stop?
  5. a minecart is now classed as an entitie, and its direction and momentum are saved when it is unrendered (around 24 blocks?) so technically your redstone is only running when you are withing 24 lateral blocks of it, being further away from it causes the minecart to go into unrendered storage and stop running :)
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  6. grr that sucks is that an emc modification?
    wait a minute my second res is more than 24 blocks away from it but i can see it running
  7. yes :) aikar has been changing things to reduce lag (hence the server doesnt die every second of the day due to everyones redstone) i'll find the original thread and quote it... here!
  8. but i still see it running from over 60 blocks away on my second res
  9. its possible its triggering some form of immunity... though I didn't intend for it to >_>

    Though putting an animal in it will def give it immunity.
  10. Would the 100 of chickeneers friends I have imprisoned on my res in a 1x1 cage count?
  11. :( 1x1 cages makes them cause more lag than if they were spread out some.

    but yes you can borrow one of them :p
  12. borrow a what? D:
  13. chickeneers feather friends for animal experiments