how long am i banned for?????

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by billbob352, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. i got band for spam in a pm and do not know how long. please help
  2. This isnt the proper way to ask about ban information. If you were banned for spam, unless it said you were temp banned, you are permanetly banned. You can, however appeal a ban, by clicking Inbox, start conversation, and adding a moderator or admin (IceCreamCow and JustinGuy are admins, they can look at the ban appeal) and stating why you should be unbanned, and what you did wrong, etc. (Appeal means to challenge the ban, and possibly get unabanned)
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  3. if he did it and its perm theres not much chance of him getting unbanned i got atemp ban that even me before it was for 10 hrs.. but the point is theres not much chance of an unbann
  4. You are permanently banned. PM the mod/admin who banned you to appeal.
  5. if it says "you are banned from empire minecraft! reason: spamming chat" you are perm banned.
  6. Just checked - he's perm banned.

    He was banned by SYSTEM though, so he might have to talk to ICC or Justin.
  7. how did you get a pm saying you were banned?
  8. Try it! just download some spam client or something and hit the flush button! it's a lot of adrenalline :D
    *That was just for the lols, don't do it otherwhise you will get banned :p*
  9. You'll be pleased to know that I have lifted the automated ban, but you'll be sad to find out that I had to review your chat to see the severity of the spam and then banned you for the illegal modded client you were using.
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