How I spent my weekend

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by ob1bob69, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. So I got bored and decided i wanted to enchant soemthing to try out my table.........
    I need an xp grinder..... Time to start building.
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    A while later...
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    Need more supplies...
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    Amost done, closing up the top...
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    And the bottom end of things...
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    And my first Enchant was.....
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    The End =)
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  2. Awesome, I love when people share stuff like this. That is a massive grinder!
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  3. Hey Bob, Which server is this on? Thats awesome
  4. +10 for that :D
  5. What server? ;)
  6. NICE!!!!
  7. Nice! I thought mobs couldn't spawn in town.....
  8. That's the wild. Not town. LoL
  9. Hostile mobs dont spawn in town. This is in the wild.
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  10. That's what I thought..... What are the cords? I want some XP!
  11. Wow -- that makes my spider grinder and slime farm look like small potatoes! Nice work ;) You are very brave to build such a thing in the wild.

    And congrats on teh silk touch too!
  12. It's funny you should mention that, because while I was digging out the surrounding area I discovered 40 blocks away....Best Minecraft Servers
    Closer View...Best Minecraft Servers

    And apparently i am surround by a few slime chunks =)Best Minecraft Servers

    I am truely lucky to have found such an ideal setup. =) I have had many requests for cords already but unfurtunatly,Ii will not be giving those out in the near future. If I get to know you, then maybe. Sorry all, i need to get what i can before the Greifers Greif. And yes, I probably shouldn't be posting this but oh well. It's like getting a new toy on your birthday and having to show it off to all the neighbor hood kids =)
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  13. Nice -- lucky skunk!
  14. Utopia....;)
  15. cant get on it :p
  16. Yes you can, you just can't mine in the wilderness....
  17. well, this is an incentive to become a diamond or gold supporter! *calls paypal* yes hi paypal. this is thetrufflehunter. i'd like to purchase a diamond supportership to empire minecraft for 50 years. WHAT?!?! THATS GONNA BE 900,000,000,000,000,001 DOLLORS?!?! ARE YOU *censered* MAD?!?!
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