How high can I build on my residence?

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  1. How high up in the air can I build above my town residence?
  2. Up to the height limit of 256 blocks. :) Town's ground level is 64.
  3. And I really like how at 128 blocks above the street and higher, you can build 2 blocks out from your res (over the street).
  4. Thanks! Will building something high over my residence affect the growth of the animals or plants because of casting a shadow below?
  5. It can stop some plants that need more light/sun, but just add light near your crops, like torches.
    Animals will be fine in the dark, as long as sheep have light for their grass to grow.
  6. If your building is floating and it's high enough up, it won't cast a shadow. I think it's 100 blocks above the ground level. (Level 164, not level 100).
  7. I forsee multi-res parkours now. ;)
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