How has your day been?

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Was your day good?

YES! 6 vote(s) 42.9%
nope :( 5 vote(s) 35.7%
meh... 4 vote(s) 28.6%
Ups and downs. 5 vote(s) 35.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So i decided to start something new. Post here what happened to you today! good news, bad news, weird news, any news at all! want to vent? sure! just dont spam it up too much. try to keep a positive attitude!

    i guess ill start:
    today i celebrated easter with my family, played zork 1 (a text based adventure game), and my sunburned face started peeling so i looked like the living dead. my laptop was acting up so i turned it off for the first time in days, and i thought that a youtube video of mine was jacked, but as it turns out your username is really messed up on the iphone.

    Now its your turn EMC! dont be afraid to post every day if you want!
  2. Im getting help working on a res so me is happy
  3. (Bad news) Made a split second decision at work today without considering the consequences. I'll regret that for a while. (Good news) with it being a holiday I played minecraft all day at work. It helped me forget about things. (great news) I spent a few hours developing a mob drop spawner in creative mode, only to just wing it once I got to the EMC wild. I've gotten 15 levels out of it so that's not bad.
  4. so ups and downs huh. too bad your day couldn't have been better :(
  5. Only been up about an hour and played emc so pretty averaged day
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  6. Today is the first day back to school after spring break for my daughter, and getting up and about is pure torture! I want to go back to sleep, not do my volunteer-time at the school, but such is life...
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  7. my day hasn't been good at all, i've been suffering with ovarian cysts for the last four days. i have two that are causing a lot of pain, i can't do anything but sit and lay down or they will burst and that is a lot of pain... sooooo, i can hardly walk, hardly get comfortable sitting, or laying down. lol so, my day is total crap.

    but i hope yours is good! :D
  8. Aww i hope you get better soon
  9. i know, and thank you! i hope so too! :D
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  10. get better soon! sounds horrible!
  11. thanks so much, times like this i wish i wasn't a female. LOL
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  12. Wow, I haven't played Zork in ages. I have all of them on CDs somewhere around here. My favorite was Zork Nemesis, although it was no longer a text-based game by that point.

    Anyway, I moved about 2000 lbs. of laminate flooring out of the room where I'll be installing the new floor into a different room. I also went grocery shopping, tore up some carpeting, milked a goat, and collected some chicken eggs. Oh, yeah, and played a little Minecraft.

    [edit] Yes, I'm a little bit sore today.
  13. Ouch, what everyone else said.
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  14. I used to suffer with those a lot when I was younger. I feel your pain :'( Hang in there, they will eventually get better.
  15. thanks margaritte. i hope they stop soon. i've been told to see about getting them removed if they still bother me by thursday or so.
  16. thank you
  17. so today i went out to celebrate my birthdady (it was 2 weeks ago lol really belated) and I got a delicious burger and a shake. i was going to go get a bank account (im saving up for a massive $10,000 desktop) but we ran out of time.
    day's rating (out of 10): 7.75 it was good, but its last day of easter break, i still have homewrok to do, and i didnt get a bank account and my job app was denied. turns out they like 16 year olds, not 15 year olds.
  18. Today is my birthday. 31 down. Did some spring cleaning. Getting ready to play. Some EMC.
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  19. happy b-day!